Learn what you're missing out by using traditional cost estimation methods

Quantities are derived from multiple CAD files and estimation data is maintained in separate spreadsheets

High possibility of re-entry mistakes

Time-consuming process

Manual inputs are required to get the desired reports

Not possible to track the work status

Need to store the data locally to view the past project data

Manual revisions in takeoffs and estimations are needed when drawings are revised

The method of estimation varies from person to person or from organization to organization

Not possible to collaborate and track changes made by other team members

Maintaining a relevant database and debugging Excel for multiple users can be a challenge

Takeoff using AutoCAD

Requires a lot of storage space to save all the data and drawings

Difficult to work based on historical data of previous projects

Requires complex logic behind the formulas which can be hard to understand for new joiners

Larger is the spreadsheet, it is more likely that it would contain errors or broken formulas

High reliability on the numbers copy-pasted from documents could lead to major mishaps with no chance to pull back on cost overruns

You have to dig deep in the project's dynamics to identify the trends that were likely to cause cost overruns

It becomes difficult to manage cost control since the data is stored in multiple sheets

Drawings are uploaded to the tool. Quantities and estimations can be managed right within the tool

Drawings and quantities remain there and there within the tool reducing the scope of re-entry errors

Saves time by at least 30%

Multiple reports can be generated at the push of a button

Real-time work status tracking

Easy access to all files for past projects, from wherever you are

The overlay tool empowers to identify the revisions and edit the quantity easily

Work within set boundaries and adhere to the methodologies set by the organization

Keep everyone aligned by always working on the same set of drawings. Spread the workload by sharing plans or inviting others to collaborate

Cloud-based tool - Anyone can access it at any time and the database is also secured

Digital takeoffs

Cloud-based storage of data and drawings

Easy access to the historical data. Use templates or cost thumb rules to set budget and specs for the upcoming projects

Establishes a standard methodology due to which, the process becomes system-specific and not person-specific

No chance for errors or logical flaws in estimations

Alerts you about potential overruns before they occur by simple colour codes and easy to analyze reports

You can easily drill down the quantities or costs to their source of origin

Provides cost estimation in a structured manner and closes the loop between cost estimation and cost control by allowing reverse engineering

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