From in-depth content pieces on digital take-off using My Build Cost to engaging videos on cost estimation, get everything here at one place!
Self-learning videos

Right from creating a new project, learn to use the best of My Build Cost features, quantity take-off techniques and estimation practices.

My Build Cost: Create a new project by using WBS of an existing project

My Build Cost: Know about item & resource libraries

My Build Cost: Excel integration feature for importing WBS

My Build Cost: Uploading drawing & setting up the scale

My Build Cost: Performing take-offs (Length, Area, Count)

My Build Cost:
Fabrication take-off

My Build Cost: Estimation of different door shutters on the same floor in just 5 minutes!

My Build Cost: Estimation of 8 different floorings on the same floor in 10 minutes!

My Build Cost: Estimation of site development (Plumbing & drainage systems)

My Build Cost: Wall tiling take-off having 2 different tiles

My Build Cost:
Quantity take-off for Masonry

My Build Cost:
Get rid of Cost Overruns

My Build Cost: Effects of pandemic on construction cost


Get quick answers to a variety of questions on costing & quantity take-offs

I. General
01 What type of construction professionals use MBC?
02 Can I book in an online demonstration?
03 What security measures are available to protect user data?
04 Does MBC offer any educational discounts?
05 How do I get technical support for my product?
II. Utility related
01 Does MBC work in all browsers?
02 Is MBC a good fit for Me?
03 I work in the same project with another user but I can’t see the changes that he makes. Why?
04 Can you adjust resource constants or rates project wise?
05 Can you import your own Rate analysis library in MBC?
06 What type of drawing formats can I use with MBC?
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