Rethink your current estimations method

If you've been utilising conventional cumbersome spreadsheets, CAD files and multiple manual resources for pre-construction estimates, you must have invariably faced one or more of these issues.


Mismatch in estimation
and budget

Dealing with multiple spreadsheet versions

Data entry delays
& errors

No traceability of quantity and cost data


Role based access to bring multiple custodians on one project

Reverse engineering to fit estimates within budget

Entire team accesses latest estimation version on cloud

Smart data entry using templates/ Excel integration + Zero re-entry mistakes

Keeps your drawings, quantities and cost data together to have transparency

Integrates Cost estimation and Cost control process to identify the red flags

0% Complexity, 100% Functionality

My Build Cost serves as a centralized cloud-based platform that takes you from spreadsheets to smart cost estimation and planning. With an inbuilt tool set for digital quantity take-off, smart data entry, rate analysis, role allocation and seamless collaboration, My Build Cost helps you stay in control of project cost right from the start.

How does My Build Cost help?

My Build Cost offers a plethora of intelligent tools that ensure accurate
budgeting, estimations, and cost control.

Smart Data Entry

With extensive in-built cost libraries of construction items along with material and labour resources and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) templates, My Build Cost eliminates repetitive and tiresome data entries, freeing up manpower for more productive tasks.

No re-entry mistakes

No more hopping back-and-forth between drawings and spreadsheets! Keep your drawings, quantities, rate analysis and costing data in a single online working environment.

Value Engineering

My Build Cost offers a unique feature, which allows you to set budget (Planned value) for each trade in WBS at pre-design stage. You can apply reverse engineering using multiple iterations to fit the project cost within your budget.

Seamless Collaboration

My Build Cost facilitates role-based easy and efficient collaboration between all external and internal team members, to get the planning right, the first time.

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Who all benefits from My Build Cost?

Stay in control of the
overall project cost,right
from the start


Derive quick and accurate estimates for bidding. use the estimates to improve your profitability


Provide project estimations with quick TATs, accuracy and transparency. collaborate easily with the client's team

Excel VS MBC
Too comfortable with spreadsheets?
See what you’re missing out on!

As far as cost management is concerned, industry people are seen as reluctant to
adopt smarter tools that are actually easier than Excel.

Here is an eye-opener for the construction professionals who still rely on Excel for deriving project cost estimations.

Quantities are derived from multiple CAD files and estimation data is maintained in separate spreadsheets

High possibility of re-entry errors

Time-consuming process

Manual inputs are required to get the desired reports

Drawings are uploaded to the tool. Quantities and cost can be managed right within the tool

Drawings and quantities remain there and there within the tool reducing the scope of re-entry errors

Saves time by at least 30%

Multiple reports can be generated at the push of a button

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Hear from the professionals who succeed To control the project cost using My Build Cost

My Build Cost team has provided such an easy user interface within the tool which anyone can use & that’s the best part. I have not seen such a take-off + estimation tool till date. It’s so easy to check your budget and estimate for each cost head. You can exactly know which material is considered in your estimate, and at what rate etc. They have provided reports which are useful for all the stakeholders. We could never achieve such control when we used to use Excel for the same thing. Thanks to Big slice technologies for developing such an excellent cloud based platform for construction industry.
Rajeev Malao

Prompt PMC, Pune

My Build Cost is the most powerful tool for estimating your construction projects. Take-off part is simple & the costing data is easy to manage and easy to understand. My Build Cost technical support is one of the best I have ever worked with. I would highly recommend My Build Cost for cost management.
Nikhil Dudhe

Pacific group, Mumbai

When I saw the demo of My Build Cost and the way quantity take off was calculated by MBC, I thought let’s try it. It has a great transparency about how quantity is calculated. My team easily adopted the technology & just by looking at the self -learning videos, we were all set to use MBC for all our projects.
Milind Deshmukh

Sam Building & Contarcting L.L.C, Dubai

Finding the right tools are part of a challenge for a quantity surveyor & My Build Cost fitted this role perfectly. In built Rate analysis & such other technical data made the process super easy. Seamless collaboration within all the office and site team members to avoid material wastage and cost overruns. What else I could ask for. Thanks to My Build Cost team!
Nitin Bhasme

Adi group, Pune

Fast, effective & easy to use; MBC will improve your companies approach to Estimation & Costing, with your time spent working on estimation being more productive than ever before. Thanks to MBC team for bringing in technology advancements in estimation process.
Rutuparna Pednekar

Phoenix realtors, Shirwal, Satara

My Build Cost is one of the most versatile and user friendly estimating tool. There are 2 basics of cost estimation. One is accuracy of quantity take-off and second is attaching the right cost to the quantity as per your specifications. Both the things are managed well here. It allows a standardised take-off procedure which has greatly reduced our costs and improved our overall efficiency. It is well worth exploring.
Abhishek Toshniwal

GVC Group, Nanded

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